onsdag 12 september 2007

Last time 2007

The day before the plane was leaving
I went out for the last time that year

I still wished for Sperm Whales or at least some other dolphin species
But I saw Common Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins again

But this time the Bottlenoses putted on a real show!
They were jumping and playing

And I had the chance to see a large group of Common Dolphins hunting fish
A big feast with shearwaters diving and dolphins jumping

melancholic goodbye from the Atlantic Ocean

tisdag 11 september 2007

I want to see whales...

The third time I went out on the water I really wanted to see Sperm Whales before leaving the island
But I only saw Common Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins

But I was happy anyway
They are so fantastic by them selves so big whales aren't needed

torsdag 6 september 2007

Diving into the Atlantic Ocean

The second time I went out on the ocean I was dressed in a wetsuit, flippers, snorkel and mask
I was going into the water with wild dolphins

The water was as blue as it gets and up to me coms a young dolphin.She really takes eye contact and study me. I can not stop admiring her, and so she turns her body and she swims by.I hurried up with the camera. I took a picture when she came to me and one on the way from.She was so beautiful and mysterious that I called her Atlantis. And we were in the Atlantic.

When Atlantis disappeared down so I looked up again, and what is comming to wards me!A calf with his mother close behindAt first the calf was close to me but the closer they swam towards me the mother got between us. And I took a picture.Do you see how thick the mother is! Her udder is full of milk and the calf is thus quite young.The island I lived on is called Sao Miguel, so I named the calf Baby Miguel.Bottlenose dolphins got their name cause their nose reminiscent of old gin bottles, and so that's how Gin's got her name, but it also sounds nice with the female aspect of Yin and Yang.

Two dolphins came by every now and then. They came often and I began to recognize the two.
But they dared not as close as Gin, Miguel and Atlantis (which I only saw once).
One was large and bright, and the other smaller and darker.
The darker swam often under or behind the light. Perhaps it was shy?

I named the light one Gabriel and the dark one Jack.

At last swim a large group swam past me and all the dolphins disappeared. I only heard their song. The guide on the boat said that if we didn't see any dolphins, we would come up again so we could get closer with the boat.

But this time I did not give up, not yet. I lay at the surface and closed my eyes. I heard the song and enjoyed it. But then I heard how someone checking me out with their sonar, it came closer and closer and I open my eyes. Then a large dark dolphin past by, close and he casually turns his head and looks at me and swims on.

At first I was afraid, and thought it was a shark, for it is the swarming of hammerhead sharks in the waters. But then I see his wonderful smile and took a picture.
This ocean man got the name Aquarius.

So wonderful to see them wild and free
Such a gift to be invited to swim with some of them

söndag 2 september 2007

My first dolphin(s)

De första vilda delfiner jag såg var en flock flasknosdelfiner
och senare kortnosad vanligdelfin och betseldelfin

3 arter på en dag!
Det var en mycket bra första tripp, jag var fast - mer än nånsin

The first wild dolphins I ever saw was a group of Bottlenose Dolphins,
and later Short-beaked Common Dolphins and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

3 species in one day!
That's a good first trip, and I was hooked - more than ever
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